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New social network for home improvement

Get inspired by ideas, bring them to life and share with the whole world!

Stop looking! We found everything for you!

Looking for interior ideas, bona fide contractors or want to add your own brand, offer services to new customers? PicLink has everything you need! Millions of ideas for inspiration, the ability to communicate, quickly find specialists and products - all in one place.
Eugene - founder of the company:
The main idea behind PicLink is to create a resource that does more than just suggest the best home furnishing ideas. The project will help to find competent performers who can bring these ideas to life, provide tools for business development.
I have found a solution that will benefit users, creatives and professionals promoting their products and services.
Together we will create a large-scale business community - inspiring and useful for everyone

We are on social networks

Already post your photos of ideas and repairs (“Before” and “After”), we will publish them in our Instagramm and VK groups, and after launching the project, we will transfer them to your PicLink account for free!
Familiar posting format:
Stories, posts, micro-blogs, projects.
Let's be friends

Who benefits from PicLink

People looking for ideas for home improvement
Creative professions
Creative professions
Bloggers, Designers, Photographers, Copywriters, Advertising Agencies, SMM Specialists, etc.
For brands
For brands
Manufacturers of furniture, fittings, building materials, decorative elements, etc.
Crews, builders, highly qualified specialists
For Realtors and Developers
For Realtors and Developers
Real estate agencies and construction companies
Wholesale and retail companies
Interior designers, architects
Share your renovation and furnishing ideas. Save up to 70% of your time thanks to the convenient and advanced search for specialists and goods. Use the monitoring of prices and offers to choose the best solution. Chat with other users and make useful contacts. Check out the referral bonus system. Get inspired and stay on top of the latest innovations in the construction and furnishing industry.

Business Opportunity

Building a strong brand.
Getting Leads 30% below the market.
Built-in product catalog, landing pages and quizzes, chat and much more.
PicLink is convenient
The most convenient search for the product or interior you like using artificial intelligence.
And also:
Right now you can share your design projects, photos of your work or your interior. So why wait? Be the first to register on PicLink and be the first to appreciate its benefits!

Artificial Intelligence

Just find a product you like or a similar interior. Intelligent image processing using artificial intelligence:
every uploaded image in PicLink is analyzed by AI and broken into objects. Search by images like in Pinterest

Access the Private Club PicLink

By supporting us financially now, you will not only get premium features, but also be able to influence the future functionality of the project.
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Create a unique interior with PicLink
The developer of the PicLink project is Sunlight LLC
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